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Breed Standard of Excellence


Polled, broad white face with flat crown, black nostrils and eyelids with wool line to start behind the ears. Muzzle Wide.


Even well set jaw with teeth meeting a wide pad with a firm bite. Lamb's teeth set back from front of pad.


Medium to large, white and firm, well covered with hair. Black spots acceptable, but not desired, no brown spots.


Medium length, muscular on rams, moulding in to the shoulders.


Shoulder blades should be slightly lower than the spine and sloping away to a smooth setting without excessive movement when walking.

Back and Loin

Broad, long and straight, with well-sprung ribs; strong broad and deep loin. Wide flesh continuing over rib cage to shoulder.


Square, deep with muscle extending to the hocks and well rounded on the outside of the legs. No V-Shape in bottom of gigot. Not sloped off from hip to tail.

Legs and Pasterns

Medium length, well placed at the four quarters and free moving, straight between the joints, with strong bone and no wool covering below the knees. Black and brown spots are an undesirable trait.




Well defined, good staple, approx. 100 mm at 12 months, 56-44's visual, 30-36 microns, good lock showing little colour, reasonably good to bulky density. Black wool in any form will not be tolerated.

Overall Outlook

Well developed, evenly proportioned, square, heavily muscled, beam shaped, meat sheep.