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Setting up your own web page

Once you have registed your domain name (eg you'll need to create some "content" for the site.

This can be as simple as a couple of paragraphs describing your stud or as complex as having the full pedigree of all your stud animals together with a photograph of each!!

You can either do it your self or we can set it up for you. Obviously the costs associated with creating these different types of sites will be varied.

Do it your self

Any text on a web page is in "HTML" format and photographs are normally either "GIF" or "JPG".

A word processor such as Microsoft Word can save files in HTML format, so any Word document can easily be converted to a web page. For more advanced layout and "fancy" bits, you can use a HTML editing program such as FrontPage, DreamWeaver, GoLive, PageMill.

Most simple scanners will scan photographs in GIF of JPG format.

Once you have all the files, use an FTP client such as WSFTP to upload the files to your site using the FTP connection details provided to you after your application and payment have been approved.

Points to Remember
- Your first or starting page must be named "index.htm".
- Take care with links to other pages or images in your html files. Make sure your links are relative only to the page and do not have any reference to your hard disc (ie link as "/images/photo1.jpg" and not "C:\website\images\photo1.jpg"

Let us create the site for you

Pagination Design Services are experinced web site designers and administrators and are assisting the Association with both the Association's site and also any members who need help.

A basic site, which includes your stud logo and any amount of text and supplied image files, can be set up for $200.

A more complex site can be developed for $300 - $800 depending on the number of photographs required. Each photo cost $5 per scan. For advanced sites that might contain many pages, response forms and pedigree publishing, contact Pagination Design Services for a quote.

If you need any assistance in creating web sites please contact Pagination Design Services direct.

Pagination Design Services
       Web site -
       email -
       Telephone - 03 5223 2494, Fax - 03 5221 8063
       Post - P.O. Box 7160, Geelong West, Victoria Australia 3218

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